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What Flies? – Concept

Greetingz fans and happy New Year 2016! During the 3 weeks of Christmas vacation I’ve developed a new game prototype. My intention was to create a totally minimalistic gaming experience that could make your toilet sitting more fun and even

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Dogfight Aces – Post Mortem

Foreword Hi fans! It took me a really long time until I decided to write this post mortem for my most successful game Dogfight Aces. The game is a 2D side scroller shooter and is focused on post-World War I

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Dogfight Academy – Concept

Hey people! Commin’ out with a new game prototype that will be finished into real  game. As a fanatic into biplanes, I’m happy to announce the work on another airplane game!

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Spies in the skies – Concept

Current look and future look comparison

Hey fans! It has been a while since I have created a new game. Well, I had two important reasons: My daughter was born so I watched her development rather than developing games 🙂 Due to many limitations of Flash

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Zombie Roll – Concept

While playing with Unity3D I have created this game concept. It combines zombie theme with ball-in-a-maze puzzle and pinball gameplay. Who knows, maybe one day I will transform it into a regular project 🙂

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Mine Trap – Post Mortem

Let’s look under the hood of MineTrap game. Ready? Inspiration The main inspiration to create Mine Trap is from the game Manic Miner. It was one of the most popular 8-bit games of the 80’s. The goal of the game was to

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R.I.P. old website design!

I’m happy to announce that my website underwent a significant plastic surgery!

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