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R.I.P. old website design! | WideAngleGames Site

R.I.P. old website design!

I’m happy to announce that my website underwent a significant plastic surgery!

It took me several days to study that damn Content Management System tutorials and even more days
to implement the site. Until now, I hated CSS, PHP and HTML. Now I hate it even more, lol!

Regarding the website design I took inspiration from the website of my favourite game developer.
Who will recognize the similarity will get a present from me, but I’m sure the present will stay
at home, hah hah!.

What’s new:

  • new graphics look (did I mentioned it already? 🙂 )
  • several page changes in all menus
  • brand new BLOG section

Old vs. new website look comparison


I definitely know that content makes the webpage, so I hope the blog section will get richer and richer overtime. I’d like to reveal much about the existing games (e.g how were they made) and new info about new projects or just concepts as well.

Feel free to browse/read and of course, if anything delights or annoys you, just leave me a comment.


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