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What Flies? – Concept

Greetingz fans and happy New Year 2016! During the 3 weeks of Christmas vacation I’ve developed a new game prototype. My intention was to create a totally minimalistic gaming experience that could make your toilet sitting more fun and even train the cognitive brain abilities a bit.

You can play the game concept here:


Click image to play



I thought about a proper idea for a long time and finaly got it when watching a baby-lobotomy video with my little daughter. The video was about teaching the children – which objects fly and which don’t fly. I remember a game about this topic when I was a child. Someone picked an object, shouted it, and if it was a flying object, all of the other children had to put the index fingers in the air. If it was a non-flying object the children had to sit without moving. Who was too slow or didn’t respond properly he had to leave the game and next round started immediately until just one child had left – the winner of course πŸ™‚
This made me to create a simple game. Rules are described below.

Game mechanics


So let’s look at the game mechanics:

  • There’s a time limit of 10 seconds for a round
  • Two shapes appear on the screen at once
  • Only one shape represents an object that flies
  • If player taps the correct e.g. flying object, he gets a point and a bonus time
  • If player taps the wrong e.g. non flying object, he gets no point and gets and looses a small portion of precious time limit
  • The faster the player decides, the more bonus time he can get and the better score he can achieve
  • The more points, the more experience the player gets.
  • Once he gets enough exp, he will proceed to the next (more difficult) level, where more shapes will appear (animals, insects, inductrial objects etc.)
  • In advanced levels, the shapes will be rotated, so the player will have to cope with his mental rotation ability of his brain

So let’s sum up the features.

Proposed game features


  • Seamless casual gaming that trains the cognitive abilities of our brain
  • Experience/leveling system
  • Minimalistic design
  • Simple controls

Release date


Since my time for development is horribly limited, but this should be definitely the first Unity3D project I want to release on mobile devices.


Like it?

If you like the game concept, don’t hesitate to leave a comment or share. Any tips, suggestions are appreciated!

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