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Mine Trap – Post Mortem

Let’s look under the hood of MineTrap game. Ready?


The main inspiration to create Mine Trap is from the game Manic Miner. It was one of the most popular 8-bit games of the 80’s. The goal of the game was to collect all keys and get to the exit elevator to proceed to next level. There was a time limit (air) for each level. I played this game as a child as one of the first games in my life and I really enjoyed it. It was extremely difficult to beat without unlimited lives. After experimenting with the Flixel engine, I decided to create a similar platform game as a tribute to the good old times. However, creating just a pure copy is not a wise idea, so I added some new features e.g. simple puzzle solving, earthquake instead of Air limit etc.


Screenshot from Manic Miner – ZX Spectrum version.

Creating the game look

miner_game_01_conceptThis is the first concept of the game. It took me about an hour to implement in Flixel.

miner_game_02_basic_skinThe first skin draft helped me to get an idea of how the game should looks like.

miner_game_03_skinningSkinning of the tiles and objects in progress.

miner_game_04_reworked_skinTiles skinning finished.

miner_game_05_doneResult after finishing the art of all objects. Decoration and shadow layers added to the game as well.

Menu screen

main_menu_title_drawing_smallSketch of the main game title

miner_menu_01_wipMenu screen in the early development phase.

miner_menu_02_doneMenu screen finished.

Game artwork



Drawing of Manny miner has been scanned and vectorized in Flash CS6.

miner_lift_house_finThe house drawing has been scanned, vectorized and postprocessed in photoshop (dirt and shadows added).

Level design

At first, the rought level idea has been sketched on a square paper.


To create levels I used the DAME editor. In combination with Flixel it is a great and powerfull tool. After drawing the level layers the tool exports levels as actionscript classes which are very easy to to read by Flixel engine and use in the game. The levels are split into several layers: background, decorations, sprites, collision tilemap and shadows. Path layer contains the path curves used for tweening of sprites attached to the path (elevators, enemies etc.).

miner_level_design_01Background layer with foreground tilemaps used for collisions.

miner_level_design_02Decoration layer added.

miner_level_design_03Sprites layer with all the interactive stuff added.

miner_level_design_04Shadows layer added for depth feel and nice look.


Well that’s it. I hope you liked it. In case you are interested in any other part of the game, please feel free to leave a comment.

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