Dogfight Aces Play


NOTE: If the game does not show up, please use Mozilla Firefox browser or other browser which supports flash.



   The Dogfight Aces game is possible to play with mouse (default controls) or keyboard.
Hit the Controls button in main menu to switch to keyboard controls.



  • Choose mouse or arrow controls in “Controls” menu of the game.
  • Play tutorial to get into the game.
  • Some content remains locked until you finish the Campaign mode.
  • If you finish Campaign, play the Campaign once again with red airplane “Fokker” to play alternative last level and ending animation.
  • Rise slowly and attack enemies with lower altitude than you have.
  • If you stall often, get some “thrust” and “speed” upgrades.
  • Turn nose down and dive with airplane to get more speed.
  • “Thrust” upgrade affects the ability to speed up faster while diving.
  • If you want to reach “Sharpshooter” medals, do not buy Tail gun, it screws up your firing accuracy stats.
  • Bombs are fine, but Homing missiles are better, best with Guidance system.
  • Malicious parachute is excellent weapon against Red Baron (Last level).
  • Emergency parachute is worth the money. You have 50% chance to save your life after you’ve been hit.