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X-mas Snowfight | WideAngleGames Site

X-mas Snowfight


Mutiny at Santa’s workshop! Join the huge snowball fight with elves and have fun!

Release date: December 2013
Category: Action, Shooter
Content Rating: EVERYONE

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   This shooter game has been previously made for a particular company. The customer asked me to create a shooter snowfight game where all the characters wil have the faces of the employees. I used my previous game Lost Toys Of Santa as a template to save time. The project was succesfull and employees of the customer had much fun. Since I was unable to use the faces of the company employees, I decided to use the faces of celebrities. Unfortunately the sponsorship of the project has been rejected due to the copyrights. So the final game has been reworked to the concept of Santa vs. elves snowfight. The web version did not get many hits mainly because of the late release (23 december 2013). Nevertheless it offers a decent casual gameplay.

Story of X-mas Snowfight

   The Santa’s elves revolted in Santa’s workshop and instead of packing the gifts and working on the toys, they started a big snowball fight. The mission of the player is to hit the correct (male) elves instead of females with snowball. Every game two bosses appear – Santa and his servant Rudolf. The bosses are possible to hit as many times as they do not run off the screen. And this is the clue to gain a really high score.


   To play X-mas Snowfight use the mouse cursor to aim with the crosshair. Hold the left mouse button to gain throw strength then release. The more power the further and faster you throw.